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Indigo Bocho Gyuto 8.25 inch

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  • Indigo Bocho Gyuto 8.25 inch

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Indigo Bocho Gyuto 8.25 inch

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Indigo Bocho Gyuto

8.25 inch 

藍包丁 牛刀 210mm

This is the closest to what is called the "Chef's Knife" in western culture. The hammered design is both beautiful and functional in allowing reduced friction against the cutting surface allowing the food to fall away from the blade after the cut.


The Japanese knife is typically used in front of consumers, so its beauty is a strong consideration. The super durability of the blade is remarkably demonstrated with this particular knife by showcasing the Damascus pattern revealing the layers of steel.

Primarily used for cutting larger, more robust cuts of meats and hearty skinned vegetables such as winter squash varieties etc. Japanese knives should never be used for cutting frozen materials as their hardened durability is not flexible and is not designed for this abuse.

Japanese culture has always surrounded itself with the freshest ingredients and working with frozen material is not a regular part of preparation.


[Product Specification ]

  • Blade length: 8.25 inch (21 cm)
  • Blade Material: VG-10 (Damascus + hammered)
  • Edge type: Double edged
  • Stain Resistant: YES
  • Handle Shape: Octagonal
  • Handle Material: Hiba (Japanese Cypress)
  • Bolster: Laminated Plywood
  • Blade Coverl: Magnolia Wood *optional

[ Delivery Lead-time ]

Within 3 working days
If out of stock, pre-order with lead-time 1 -2 months

[ Limited Production ]

As the product is made by craftsmen one by one, we can only produce 100pcs for a month.

[ Custom Policy ]

Applicable customs and import duties will be charged after the parcel reaches your country. These charges, if applicable, must be paid by the recipient of the parcel.

Please be advised that we CANNOT undervalue the declared amount, or list a specific value on the invoice upon customer's request. The customs form and/or the invoice will be filled out accurately according to the actual value of your purchase.

In addition to above, we will not pay back for the customs and import duties you may have to pay, either. To undervalue the declared amount is tax evasion and a crime internationally. If you purchase the product, we will take it as you read, confirmed and agreed with this policy.