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Indigo Bocho Yanagiba 9.5 inch (right) + sheath

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  • Indigo Bocho Yanagiba 9.5 inch (right) + sheath

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Indigo Bocho Yanagiba 9.5 inch (right) + sheath

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Indigo Bocho Yanagiba 

9.5 inch for Right-handed

+ sheath

藍包丁 柳刃 240mm 

This is the knife of the Sushi and Sashimi craftsman. The perfect cut is created using a pulling method, with the single edge leaving a perfectly straight edge on the flesh. Excellent for super delicate and exquisite cuts of beef as well. 

The white steel is one of best steels used for knives and delivers not only a precision cut but also a beautiful finished piece at the same time. We really recommend the white steel as it's the best balance of price and usage.

When it comes to harder steel like blue steel, it becomes more difficult to sharpen it therefore this is the most suitable steel for people who always use a cooking knife and sharpen it very often.


[Product Specification ]

• Blade length: 9.5 inch (24cm)
• Blade Material: White Steel #2
• Edge type: Single edged (right handed )
• Stain Resistant : NO
• Handle shape: Octagonal
• Handle Material: Hiba (Japanese Cypress)
• Bolster : Laminated Plywood
• Blade Cover (Saya): Magnolia Wood



    [ Delivery Lead-time ]

    Within 3 working days
    If out of stock, pre-order with lead-time 1 -2 months

    [ Limited Production ]

    As the product is made by craftsmen one by one, we can only produce 100pcs for a month.

    [ Custom Policy ]

    Applicable customs and import duties will be charged after the parcel reaches your country. These charges, if applicable, must be paid by the recipient of the parcel.

    Please be advised that we CANNOT undervalue the declared amount, or list a specific value on the invoice upon customer's request. The customs form and/or the invoice will be filled out accurately according to the actual value of your purchase.

    In addition to above, we will not pay back for the customs and import duties you may have to pay, either. To undervalue the declared amount is tax evasion and a crime internationally. If you purchase the product, we will take it as you read, confirmed and agreed with this policy.